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Friday, October 6

Gadget Day

AM/Full Time: Chase | Chase | David | JeffTiffany | Tiffany | Yobani | Yobani

PM: James

Nearly 4 out of 5 unintentional poisoning deaths in Oklahoma are a result of prescription drug abuse.  Prescription drug abuse is Oklahoma’s  fastest growing drug abuse issue. To combat this epidemic Oklahoma created the Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success. DCCCA is the grant recipient for the prevention of non-medical use of prescription medicine in people ages 12-25 in Oklahoma County. They are asking for help in collecting data to help with their prevention efforts.

This is an anonymous survey collecting data on how people 18 and older are currently using, storing, and disposing of their prescription medicine. This data will help DCCCA and the community coalition on choosing appropriate strategies to help combat prescription drug abuse. There is an opportunity to win a $250 Visa gift card and if you live in Oklahoma County they are giving away 10 gift cards. If you would like to help, complete the survey. The survey will be open until Oct. 22.

Thursday, October 5

Tomorrow is our team meeting! Make sure you have read the chapters in our book! Remember to bring your gadget too to test out websites!

Wednesday, October 4

Initiative Points? You can earn them if you do this….On page 72 of our Stress Book, there is an exercise to write about one of your values for 10 minutes. Do this via a blog post and send me a link in this weeks status report and you could earn initiative points!

Tuesday, October 3

Congrats to Erika Farrow in Early Care and Education, she was the Blue & Gold Top Salesperson! Overall, we sold $15,603!! Here are the program rankings with average sales per student in the program:

  1. Early Care – $207.81 (Ultimate Class Award)
  2. GCOM – $60.33
  3. 2D – $43.45
  4. PSD – $41.30
  5. Marketing – $38.27
  6. ACCT – $26.40
  7. WDD – $23.67
  8. AOT – $21.84
  9. CSA – $21
  10. BVP – $17.36
  11. MOT – $6.18
  12. 3D – $2.22

Monday, October 2

Grades have been posted! Remember if you see a O, that means you didn’t complete that item and lost points. Forgetting a Status Report, not completing 1 skill section for the month (Full-time students have 2), project, evaluation, professional growth activity or certification are things you might have to complete for the month! If you see a discrepancy or have a question, feel free to ask me!

Congrats to David! He is the MVP this week!

High Five! Kendry passed Brainbench Computer Fundamentals (Win 8.1)