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Friday, January 19

Today is Gadget Day! It is a New Year and so what better time to improve our process!! To kick off every presentation, what I would like you to do is address the following so we have an understanding and could provide better feedback for your work.

AM: Quynh | Jimmy

PM | Full-time: Chase & Reid | Casey | Ethan | Nick | Tyler | Tyler | Yobani

Tuesday, January 16

Congrats to Chase! He is the MVP for the week!

Don’t forget to have Chapters 1 & 2 read by Friday in our Accessibility for Everyone book. If you did not get a copy, let me know!

Thursday, January 11

Are you struggling with groceries for your family? You might check out Project 66 to see if they can help you out!

Wednesday, January 10

December grades are posted! If you see any issues let me know! Remember if your quarter/program grade is below a 60%, you are placed on academic probation. Your program grade must be at 70% or higher to receive your completion certificate.

Don’t forget this Friday to wear your IT T-shirt from this year! You can earn Initiative Points if you wear it!

Monday, January 8

Congrats to Bree! She is the MVP this week!

High Five! Owen passed Brainbench CSS3