The Scoop

Friday, April 21

For some of you this is an evaluation week! Make sure you check your basecamp calendar and try to complete as much as you can so that you aren’t losing points! Remember I am not grading over the weekend, so if you submit the link today and finish it up over the weekend, I will never know!

Congrats to Ulysaa!! She received the Women of AT&T scholarship! Lunch on her? 🙂

This month’s Creative Champion is Jared!

Thursday, April 20

Tonight I will be meeting with our new High School Students and parents! Make sure your desk area is extra clean when you leave today!

Tuesday, April 18

PM Class: On Thursday, April 27 we will be taking a tour to American Fidelity Assurance. They are a top 100 company to work for! We can only take 7 students, so if you are interested, send me a slack message by the end of the day on Wednesday. If we have more than 7 interested, we will put names in hat and draw. The tour will be during class time.

I will be out during the PM. Make sure to message @wddsub when you need to leave the room etc. Help each other out!

Monday, April 17

This week is an evaluation week for full-time students and some part-time students. Remember to check your basecamp calendar to be sure you complete everything. Full-time students will use the AM to work on your skill sections and the PM for your project.

Thanks for the all the great ideas that you all had last week! Remember to send me a slack message if you think of something else! Also if you have a book that you think we should read, send that to me before the end of this month!


Friday, April 14

Don’t forget your creative challenge is due tomorrow! Might as well finish it today so you can enjoy your weekend!

I am still working on Performance Reviews, so don’t be worried if I haven’t gotten to you yet!

Gadget Day

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