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Monday, September 18

This week is Evaluation Week for some of you! You have a lot do this week! You can check your Basecamp Calendar and everything that is due should be listed there. If this is an Evaluation Week for you, you can use everyday as Project Day and I will answer questions. If you are a full-time student, you can use the PM time all week to work on your project. AM, will be like normal class time for full-time students.

Congrats to Quinn! He is this week’s MVP!


Friday, September 15

If you made a donation and wore a hat today, be sure to include a pic of you in your hat to your Status Report so you can earn initiative points!

Still working on Performance Reviews….don’t worry if I haven’t gotten to you….I will eventually!

Gadget Day

AM: Chelsea | Quynh

PM/Fulltime: Casey | David

Thursday, September 14

Please complete your Performance Review during the first 10 minutes of class. This will ensure you are ready when I call you back!

Also on your Course Snapshot, you might have noticed I have added a progress indicator. As you know the curriculum is updated all the time, like just yesterday. So if you had completed the section it might not be at 100% anymore. You do NOT have to go back and do the new parts that have been added because in most cases, some stuff was deleted to make the updates..and you probably did the deleted stuff!! It is just the nature of our industry….always changing!! I know some people have to see the 100% mark….it bugs . you…if that is you, just go in and click that section as completed! Basecamp is really where I measure if you are done!!

Hope you have been reading the Intro, Chapters 1 & 2 for our team meeting tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 13

Blue & Gold Sales kick off today! Our class goal is $600!! That is $25 worth of sales per individual! If we hit our goal, we will have a Nacho party!! If you want to up the game, last year Early Care and Education sold $4,211!! Beat that and we can have a Nacho Party every month! 🙂 Remember if you want to compete in BPA this year, you have to participate in this fundraiser or the 2nd Quarter Fundraiser! Also if you sale at least one item, that counts as Initiative Points! Building wide, if you are the overall top sales person for the fundraiser, you could earn a $100 Visa gift card!

On Friday, HOSA will be selling Snow Cones in the Tuts Common Area for $1.00. Get yours between 10:00 – 1:00 pm!

Tuesday, September 12

This Friday is our 1st Quarter Community Service Activity! If you participate, you can earn Initiative points. The activity is Hats for Houston! Donate to Hurricane Relief Efforts – $1.00 or more AND Wear a Hat!! Take a selfie and attach to this weeks Status Report to earn Initiative points. Also that day feel free to post on social media and use #HatsforHouston


High Five! Yobani passed Brainbench Computer Fundamentals (Mac OS X 10.8)