The Scoop

Thursday, May 25

Grades are posted. If you see any discrepancies or have questions, let me know! Remember your program grade has to be at 70% or higher when you complete to earn your completion certificate. If it has falling below 60%, you will be placed on academic probation for the next quarter.

Since today is project day, yesterday I started your projects for when you return. This will allow those that are on track to start working ahead. Remember if you are behind, you NEED to complete your projects and skill sections over the summer so you don’t get deeper in the hole!

Have a GREAT summer and remember keep learning so you don’t forget everything you learned this year!

Please clean out your desk drawers. You will not be in the same spot next year so leave the desk clean for the future team member! Back up everything on the server (, remember it is being upgraded so you will lose everything! Your user profile will also be deleted from your computer so back up files!

Congrats to the following students! They had Perfect Attendance for the 2nd Semester! Chelsea, Robert, David, Quyen and Quynh.

This has BEen an AMAZING year!! Look how far you have come and what we accomplished this year!! I have enjoyed this group and looking forward to seeing what we accomplish next year….every year you all raise the bar higher for the next group!

For those that are returning, see you Thursday, August 17! Also if plans change over the summer and you end up not being able to return, send me a slack message so that someone from the wait list can fill your spot!

Wednesday, May 24

If you checked out any books from the library on the wall for reference or competition, you will need to check those back in tomorrow. Gotta keep the library stocked for others! Also if you have PHP books, you will need to check those in. If you plan on working over the summer with the book, just send me a slack message.

Monday, May 22

This week’s goal is to finish everything on your Basecamp Calendar so you can return in August with a clean slate and not having unfinished work hanging over you!

Gadget Day:

AM: Quiara
PM/Fulltime: Chelsea | David | David | David | Jared | Paris | Robert | Robert | Robert

Friday, May 19

Help the Marketing Students conduct research for a possible venture in our building! Take this survey by Monday.

I will be out in the afternoon. Make sure to message @wddsub if you need to leave the classroom and help each other out!

Thursday, May 18

Congrats to Paris! She was the Creative Champion for May!

I will be late arriving to the AM class. Until I arrive, message @wddsub if you need to leave the room and help each other out with any questions, etc!

Completion Ceremony Photos are live:

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  2. Click College (Francis Tuttle Technology Center)
  3. Select Your School & Ceremony (Francis Tuttle Information Technology Graduation 2017)