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Flex Time

The 2017-18 School Year is a pilot to see how the process goes for students who started in August. This will be a learning experience for the students and instructor on what works and what does not. The ultimate goal is to give students options and meet their training needs!


To be eligible for Flex Time, you must meet the following guidelines:


Each week a student is here for 15 hours part-time, 30 hours full-time. You have to get your hours in for each week. Each day during lunch, as long as the instructor is here that day, the classroom will be open from 11:00-12:30 for you to earn flex time. If you are a part-time student and there is a seat open in the other section, you could come in and work during those hours. If you earned your total hours by Thursday, you could take off on Friday. Tardies/Absences are not counted, unless you have not met your total hours for the week. Flex Students will be expected to monitor their own hours with our time clock.

Every Monday, the instructor will review the prior weeks attendance. If a flex time student did not meet their hours, their attendance will be adjusted accordingly. The school’s attendance policy still applies to Flex Time students. If you were a part-time student and had 14.50 hours, a tardy would be entered for the week. If you had 12 hours, an absence would be entered.

For students who have 360 hours of training, you will be eligible to work from home, Starbucks, where ever, if you meet the following criteria.

If your program grade falls below the above criteria, your day(s) working from home will be reduced accordingly.

If you exceed the hours you have to complete each week by 30 minutes or more, you will earn make-up time towards your attendance. You can not bank time for the following week, unless you want to consider the make-up time you earned as your “banked” time. But make-up time does max out for attendance, per the attendance policy.

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