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Business Professionals of America

BPA LogoBusiness Professionals of America (BPA) is the CareerTech student organization that Web Design & Development students will join. By joining, students have the opportunity to showcase their skills at events throughout the school year. In the spring, students can compete at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) in numerous IT events. All event guidelines can be viewed at the national BPA website. If a student places first in their event, Francis Tuttle will pay for the student to attend the BPA National Conference and compete with other students from across the nation.

NLC LogoVarious other activities take place during the year such as: Fall Leadership Conference, Midwinter Special Olympics, and presentations from guest speakers.

Find more information by visiting the State BPA chapter.

Class Representatives

Competitive Events

This is a list of competitive events that may interest students in Web Design & Development

National Winners

2017 – Orlando

2016 – Boston

2015 – Anaheim

2014 – Indianapolis

2013 – Orlando

2012 – Chicago

2011 – Washington DC

2010 – Anaheim

2009 – Dallas

2008 – Reno

2007 – New York City

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